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Dreams Why We Dream, Meaning of Dreams, and Psychology of Dreams Professor Ramos Blog

Dreams Why We Dream, Meaning of Dreams, and Psychology of Dreams Have you at any point considered dreaming and how confounding everything is? There are such a large number of inquiries individuals have including dreams. Like, I don't get their meaning? Or then again what’s occurring in our cerebrums when we do dream? For a long time, I’ve thought something very similar and have been in wonderment about how much there is to think about dreams and how complex they truly are. Quite a while of examination and studies have been done and are even at present in procedure to comprehend however much as could reasonably be expected about dreams. In this report, we will discover the entirety of the obscure inquiries regarding dreams and get the opportunity to comprehend them somewhat better. I will cover why we dream, what dreams mean, and the mind brain science of dreaming. This is significant so as to all the more likely fathom what dreaming is about and will profit anybody needing to become familiar with dreams or wanting to discover data on repeating dreams. The unavoidable issue is, the reason do we dream? Numerous sources will say there is no verifiable proof for why we dream and in result like to think â€Å"dreams have no reason or meaning and are irrational exercises of the resting brain,† (Dreams: Why We Dream, Lucid Dreaming, Nightmares, Common Dreams, and that's just the beginning). Albeit, a few examinations have demonstrated that having dreams is basic to human wellbeing and affects the human body. In the article, â€Å"Dreams: Why We Dream, Lucid Dreaming, Nightmares, Common Dreams, and More†, an examination was presented where, â€Å"researchers woke subjects similarly as they were floating off into REM rest. They found that the individuals who were not permitted to dream experienced, expanded pressure, tension, sorrow, trouble concentrating, absence of coordination, weight increase, propensity to hallucinate†. Numerous specialists additionally state that â€Å"dreams exist to help take care of issues in our lives, consolidate recollections, [and help] process emotions† (Dreams: Why We Dream, Lucid Dreaming, Nightmares, Common Dreams, and the sky is the limit from there). Along these lines, some accept that in the event that you rest with something negative at the forefront of your thoughts, you may wake up with an answer for the issue; or if nothing else rest easy thinking about the circumstance. Numerous researchers from various timespans have had various speculations of why we dream. Counting, â€Å"Freud’s hypothesis based on the thought of quelled aching that dreaming permits us to figure out uncertain, subdued wishes,† (Linden). Yet, in view of the â€Å"activation-blend hypothesis† dreams â€Å"are just electrical cerebrum driving forces that pull arbitrary musings and symbolism from our memories,† (Linden). So as of right now, with the ebb and flow research we have accessible, the real explanation of why we dream is in fact obscure. However, considers have demonstrated they do affect us somehow. Counting, permitting us to process recollections and feelings subliminally. Another of the most widely recognized inquiries regarding dreams is I don't get their meaning? You can ask any clinician and they may all disclose to you various answers. Since simply like the last inquiry, there isn’t logical proof to back up their speculations. In any case, there are as yet incalculable articles and books on the subject that clarify what specialists and researchers like to believe is reality. There are for the most part various kinds of dreams, including: bad dreams and ordinary dreams. In ordinary dreams, what you’re dreaming about appears reality and remains as such until you wake up and acknowledge you were just resting. More often than not, these fantasies are commonly positive and include exercises that have neither rhyme nor reason and for the most part bounce starting with one arbitrary thing then onto the next. At the point when dreams transform into bad dreams, we are as yet unconscious that we’re dreaming. Be that as it may, the visua ls and feelings are negative and startling and feel amazingly genuine. A few dreams may be â€Å"strange stories that dont identify with typical life† (Dreams: Why We Dream, Lucid Dreaming, Nightmares, Common Dreams, and that's only the tip of the iceberg). Others may feel excessively recognizable and help to remember something that has occurred previously or feels like it could really mean something. A few specialists will say that particular dreams make them mean, yet others will say that the thinking behind your fantasy is explicit to you and can’t be made sense of that simple. Reports will show that people will in general have comparative dreams to one another and regularly have repeating dreams also. As told by Michelle Carr, â€Å"Recurrent dreams happen in the middle of 60 and 75 percent of grown-ups, and more regularly in ladies than men† and that â€Å"the basic subjects include: being assaulted or pursued, falling, being trapped, being late, absent or bombing a test, and in any event, losing control of a car† (Carr). These sort of dreams are said to uncover â€Å"the nearness of uncertain clashes or stressors in an individual’s life† (Carr). Carr clarifies a case of an individual having a repetitive fantasies about missing a test last; which was created when they began school. Be that as it may, significantly in the wake of finishing school and moving onto their vocation, they’re as yet encountering the fantasy. For example, they have a similar dream the night prior to a significant gathering at work and this shows, â€Å"the same sentiments of stress, and the longing to perform well, can trigger the applicable intermittent dream† (Carr). This demonstrates not just that mind-boggling feelings are available in the visionary, however that there are uncertain issues in the dreamer’s life. â€Å"The Tidal Wave dream is an examplethat speaks to overpowering feelings, for example, vulnerability and dread. The Tidal Wave dream is a typical dream to encounter following injury or misuse, and regularly turns into an intermittent subject that mirrors a person’s battling with coordinating and tolerating the trauma† (Carr). On the off chance that common dreams begin to not occur as regularly or stop all together, this implies the injury or feelings causing the fantasy have been settled. Finally, we should ask what's going on when we dream? Examination and studies have demonstrated what is really going on in your cerebrum when we are dreaming. There are commonly five phases that people experience while dozing: Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM (fast eye development). It is conceivable to have dreams in the fourth stage yet they happen most generally in the last stage, REM rest or towards the finish of your rest. â€Å"REM rest is described by low-sufficiency [and] quick electroencephalographic (EEG) oscillations† (Payne and Nadel). For our cerebrums to enter REM rest, Neurotransmitters, explicitly the monoamines, need to help switch them into this phase of rest. During REM rest, the â€Å"activity in the aminergic framework has sufficiently diminished to permit the reticular framework to get away from its inhibitory influence† (Payne and Nadel). â€Å"The discharge from aminergic restraint invigorates cholinergic reticular neurons in the brainstem and switches the dozing mind into the exceptionally dynamic REM state, in which acetylcholine levels are as high as in the waking state† (Payne and Nadel), which considers dreaming to happen and makes them appear to be genuine. As said by creators: Yuval Nir and Giulio Tononi, †Å"Perhaps the most striking component of cognizant encounters in rest is the manner by which by and large comparative the internal universe of dreams is to this present reality of alertness. To be sure, on occasion the visionary might be questionable whether he is alert or sleeping. Unquestionably, dreams are not made in a vacuum however intently mirror the association and elements of our brain† (Nir and Tononi). Dreams will consistently be a subject that takes numerous people’s breath away. Be that as it may, with broad investigations and progressing research, we can ideally comprehends everything and what they really mean. As observed, various specialists and researchers convey various perspectives and hypotheses on the well known inquiries including: why we dream, the significance of dreams, and what occurs in the cerebrum when we’re dreaming. Albeit, real proof demonstrates without them, our prosperity wouldn’t be the equivalent and it would influence us adversely. Commented on Bibliography Carr, Michelle. â€Å"Whats Behind Your Recurring Dreams?† Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, facility/201411/whats-behind-your-repeating dreams. Gotten to on 24 July 2019.  â â In â€Å"What’s Behind Your Recurring Dreams,† by Michelle Carr, we learn genuine proof of what repeating dreams mean and why they happen in any case. She clarifies the regular subjects of repeating dreams and what they mean. I will utilize this article so as to have realities about repeating dreams and what they might mean. The unwavering quality of this article is normal and not the most grounded in light of the fact that the writer isn’t a specialist or a PhD, yet it despite everything is upheld up by references and proof of where the data was gotten from. â€Å"Dreams: Why We Dream, Lucid Dreaming, Nightmares, Common Dreams, and More.† WebMD, WebMD, issue/control/dreaming-overview#1. Gotten to on 24 July 2019.  â â In â€Å"Dreams: Why We Dream,† from WebMD, numerous idea including clear dreaming, bad dreams, and regular dreams people share are clarified. The article likewise expounds on the foundation of dreaming and why we dream in any case. I will utilize this article to clarify why we dream and what that could intend to explicit individuals. The unwavering quality of the article isn't very high, however it is from WebMD so it should be sound data. Albeit, a creator isn't given. Linden, Sander van der. â€Å"The Science Behind Dreaming.† Scientific American, 26 July 2011, Gotten to on 24 July 2019. In the article â€Å"The Science Behind Dreaming,†Ã¢ by Sander van der Linden, we take in subtleties from past hypotheses and data. The article likewise expounds

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The Relevance of Aristotle’s Poetics to the World Today Essay -- Arist

The Relevance of Aristotle’s Poetics to the World Today   â The Canadian author Michael Ondaatje, in his last novel titled In the Skin of a Lion, composed that the principal sentence of each novel ought to be: Trust me, this will require some serious energy however there is organization here, swoon, human (Ondaatje 223).â Ondaatje noticed that what makes a novel a novel is organization or, as that request is once in a while alluded to today, plot and structure.â It is that structure that we, as both the crowd and the craftsman, depend on to comprehend and welcome a work of art.â But, despite the fact that Ondaatje saw the request fundamental, he didn't do what has been done previously - offer a clarification, or rather, a meaning of that order.â Over 2,000 years before Ondaatje composed that line, Aristotle, in his Poetics, attempted to characterize the request vital for a masterpiece, regardless of whether it be abstract, visual, or execution based, to be successful.â But we, as present day pundits and craftsmen, must ask, c an a hypothesis proposed such a significant number of years prior still be commendable or translation and study today?â Even a brief glance at the writing and the auditorium created over the most recent few centuries would uncover the open's answer:â Much of the extraordinary specialty of the world is incredible in light of its dependence on and adherence to Aristotle's speculations and definitions just as a trust in the new notions that have emerged out of Aristotle's words.  â â â â â â â â â â Before one can apply the hypotheses of Aristotle to the present reality, a short introduction of a couple of the most outstanding of those speculations must be examined.â The first of these speculations is currently alluded to as Aristotle's Unities; albeit, just one of the three solidarities can be legitimately credited to the expressions of Aristotle.â In book ... ...shrewd, the longest running Broadway play ever, Cats, surely can't be delegated the general and unmistakably ignores the three unities.â Finally, most writing researchers would concur that James Joyce's Ulysses is a great in writing, at the same time, as it made its own style of writing, doesn't adjust to any of Aristotle's principals.â It is clear however, with an impact in such a large number of masterpieces, both past and contemporary, that, while perhaps not a need, Aristotle's hypotheses positively are deserving of a cautious report.  Works Cited Aristotle. Poetics.â Dramatic Theory and Criticism.â Ed. Bernard F. Dukore.â Fort Worth: Harcourt, 1974. 31-55. Harmon, William, and C. Hugh Holman.â A Handbook to Literature. eighth ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1999. Ondaatje, Michael.â In the Skin of a Lion.â Chicago: Penguin Publishers, 1987

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Arts Management Final Essay Example For Students

Expressions Management Final Essay The maker of Street Market is Jarred Williams. Jolted Williams is a lesser at Wagner College seeking after a degree in Sociology. Since the time a youngster Jarred has consistently has the enthusiasm to help individuals in niece When Mr.. Williams came to Wagner College he began investigating New York City more. What stood apart to Jarred was the enormous measure Of road entertainers he found in his regular goes just as the measure of nourishment trucks which appeared to be on each and every side of New York City. With Carries energy for helping individuals and New York City incredible resources he made Street Market. Road Market intends to be in full activity by May I, 2015. The central station Of the organization Will be opening up on SST Avenue and Broadway. From here Street Market needs to grow to Los Angels, Washington DC, Miami, and Chicago. Road Market presently has a financial plan of 1 . Grinning dollars. Road Market got a 1 million dollar speculation on unscripted tv show Shark Tank and $500,000 of Jarred Williams individual reserve funds, Two financial specialists from Shark Tank put resources into Street Market giving them of the organization. The proprietorship tot the organization will be: Barbara Corcoran 24. % Diamond John Street Market will have a board comprising of three individuals, all capable to withdrawing on business issues. Barbara Corcoran who is a land head honcho and financial specialist, Diamond John who is the organizer of BIJOU and is a marking virtuoso, and Jarred Williams who is the author of Street Market. Barbara Corcoran duty on the board comprise of guaranteein g the money related prosperity of the organization just as making sure about land properties in various areas for the organization. Precious stone John is liable for marking Street Market and imaginative thoughts for extras and items to offer to construct more income. Jolted Williams duty is making sure about nourishment truck merchants just as advertising. Our vision at Street Market is to underwrite off of the assets that New York City has accessible. New York city being a significant city draws in various ethnic gatherings, societies and customs, Street Market intends to underwrite off of this by having a scene brimming with culture, from the various sorts of melodic entertainers to the diverse nourishment merchants we tint selling nourishment. Road Market will be a blend of nourishment and music. Socioeconomics Street Market Will be situated on fifth Eave. We at Street Market accept that fifth Eave. Is an ideal area on account of the vacation spots. There is such a solid aorist attractions to fifth road due to the midtown shopping. Stores on fifth road incorporate however are not constrained as well: The Apple store Tiffany and Co. Beresford Goodman Louis Button Pravda Trump Towers World tot Disney Store Cole Han The intended interest group will be vacationer, nearby representatives, and ordinary individuals in New York city searching for a low spending dinner and execution. Road Market will TA lament visitor since Street Market is a blend. Sightseers can go to our area and be separated Of a group of people that is comprised of individuals from over the world, tune in to different homegrown music, and eat bona fide social nourishment. Road Market Will likewise target nearby representatives since they need some place to have lunch and loosen up. Rather than going to McDonalds and putting their earphones to tune in to music, laborers can come to Street Market and appreciate nourishment and a live presentation. The regular New Yorker will likewise be pulled in. Individuals of any age from kids who come to hang out after school to the grandpa who likes to have his lunch tuning in to music. The road execution scene is a different open network which can associate individuals together. Strategically, as per a Journal North correspondent Kier Hay says in the city of Santa Fee, there was a proposition to restrict road entertainers from the square, The open statute incorporates denying sound enhancements and constraining the measure of hours buckers can perform. Different cases incorporate New Orleans City board considering new Noise Ordinance that would lessen sound level to db that would boycott music out in the open spaces (Deco, 2013). US Expansion Of 1800s EssayAlso, we will have a remark page to permit clients to talk on the experience they had at our store. On the site, there will be a part login. Individuals can join to get messages and advancements about exhibitions coming up. The point is to have 1 ,OHO individuals inside long periods of opening. To lure individuals to join, a free dinner voucher will be offered in the event that you allude the site and part login to five companions. Passbook, Twitter, and Youth will be utilized, anyway online life won't be the main showcasing instrument. Spine will have the essential data about the organization, for example, the statement of purpose, long periods of administration and area, and a connect to the official site Of Street Marker _ Backbone Will be utilized to show recordings Of exhibitions, pictures of nourishment, any surveys from magazines and different sites, interviews With the crowd individuals, big names seen in Street Marker While Backbone will send a great part of a similar data that the email to individuals sends, just individuals will get extraordinary limits. Ideally this will incite individuals to turning out to be part. Since Street Market is such a differing network we will utilize social medias outlets to arrive at our intended interest group. Twitter updates will be given on who is performing. Youth will he refreshed week by week and show features from exhibitions. We accept this will viably advance the business. To additionally publicize the organization, Street Market will move toward associations, for example, Undercover New York and offer to give them an ad space in Street Market for trade in advancing Street Market We will likewise work together with Daemon Johns organization (For By us). V-JIBE will make shirts and tats with Street Market on it extending our income. Entry level position Opportunities Street Market Will Offer unpaid temporary jobs to undergrads seeking after a degree in advertising, business or advertising. Undergrads will be able to get hands on experience showcasing in perhaps the busiest city on the planets. Showcasing Process 1. Barbara Corcoran will make sure about a distribution center in Midtown for the Street Market area. Jostled Williams will make sure about 6 nourishment truck sellers to be situated within the Street Market area. 3. Full time enrollment specialist alongside group of understudies will begin reaching papers, Gaines, ground advancement to make sure about entertainers and notice space. . Fantastic Opening of Street Market. Two-year Calendar First Year 13 The principal year, the organization will intensely concentrate on putting the name out into people in general and solidifying itself in the way of life of road exhibitions. Occasions that will occur in the primary year are as per the following: 1. A select night of exhibitions to show famous people and potential financial specialists how Street Market Will be worked. 2. A day where all returns go to an association helping the destitute. 3. Coordinated effort With covert New York. 4. Making an administration data framework by gathering information from the part we accumulate on the site, store polls and online surveys. Second Year 1. Extend assortment of nourishment truck sellers dependent on income the first merchants brought 14 2. Open up in Los Angels where they have the biggest nourishment truck populace. 3. Present the nourishment truck merchant rivalry. Road Market will have an opposition of all nourishment truck sellers. The seller who wins the opposition will be ensured a spot within Street Market for a considerable length of time with different motivations. 4. Road Market will have a section/yearly to thank its givers.

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Essay on cause of world war - 551 Words

Cause of World War I Unlike World War II, the causes of World War I are not as clear cut. Historians say the war had been building up for some time prior to 1914. The quot;Great Warquot; was not caused by megalomaniacs hungry for power as in the case of Mussolini and Hitler during World War II. The origins are more complex. First one is the alliance Systems The causes can be explained, more in political terms than human terms. From the end of the Franco-Prussian War, a system of secret alliances developed in Europe. This eventually split the continent into two hostile sides. Because so many different powers were involved in mutual defense agreements, when the war did happen, it involved nearly every country of†¦show more content†¦In addition, before the conflict happened, the militaries of each country had drawn up complete plans for mobilization. These plans only awaited the go-ahead signal. The existence of secret battle plans stimulated espionage, which in turn aroused greater hatred and fear. Thirdly the nationalistic Beliefs Strong feelings of nationalism fed the fires of hatred in pre-war Europe. It turned Frenchman against German and Russian against Austrian. Nationalistic speeches and writings (especially in countries like Germany) hastened the war by painting it as the best test for proof of national superiority. These general causes created an atmosphere in Europe which made war a likelihood. The spark which ignited the flame and transformed these underlying problems into a frenzy of hostilities happened in the Balkans. On June 28, 1914, Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated while visiting Sarajevo. At first, it appeared to be another Balkan crisis that might pass without a major disturbance, but a month later, Austria severed relations with Serbia, a move that preceded war by only a few days. Germany stood back of Austrias actions, while Russia stepped forward to defend it small Balkan friend. Despite frantic efforts by would-be peacemakers to localize the war, it spread rapidly, involving next France and Belgium, and soon Great Britain. As the world looked on, Europe erupted into warShow MoreRelatedThe Cause Of World War I966 Words   |  4 Pages World War I is known today as one of America’s worst wars in history, due to the facts because it was the First World War and well over eight million people died. World War I was between the countries of Germany, United States, Russia, France, and among many others. There are many causes of World War I, both immediate and underlying causes. Immediate causes meaning a specific short-term occurrence that is directly related to the event and essentially what created the event. The immediate cause ofRead MoreThe Causes Of The First World War1406 Words   |  6 PagesOption A: What in your view were the causes of the First World War? How have historians’ views on the war changed over time? Historical events are crucial in human thoughts since they understand themselves better in the present through analyzing their past occurrences. Historical events help us to know the causes of certain past events, therefore, making the cause to entail long-term ideology events and actions. Nevertheless, the causes of certain events may differ depending on the scale of historyRead MoreThe Causes Of The First World War1395 Words   |  6 PagesThe causes of the First World War were similar and differed from the causes of the Second World War politically, economically, and socially. Both of these significant, historical events were substantially affected by the interaction of dominating societies during this time period. During the First World War, these leading societies were the European authorities of Britain, Germany, and Austria, with slight assistance from the U.S. However, the United States allocated their full engagement duringRead MoreThe Cause Of World War II1259 Words   |à ‚  6 PagesThere is a fact that the causes of World War II are from the end of World War I, which a consequences of ending the frist World War affect to cause World War II. For ending of World War I, The final Allied push towards the German border began on October 17, 1918. As the British, French and American armies advanced, the alliance between the Central Powers began to collapse. Turkey signed an armistice at the end of October, Austria-Hungary followed on November 3.Germany began to crumble from withinRead MoreThe Causes of World War I674 Words   |  3 PagesThe Causes of World War I World War I has several causes, including four decades of conflict which led up to its actual beginning (McMeekin, 2011). Alliances between countries, nationalism, military structures and imperialism all played significant roles in the conflict, but there were more immediate origins that were also important when it came down to the decision to go to war (Barnes, 1929). During the crisis of 1914 there were decisions made and actions taken by generals and statesmen, includingRead MoreThe Causes Of World War II1134 Words   |  5 PagesThe Causes of World War II: The seeds of world war II lies in the instability created by world war I. particularly the instability in Germany in the economic and political conditions due to the harshness of the Versailles treaty and as a result the rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party The effects of the treaty of Versailles: The treaty of Versailles harshness was one of the main causes for the outbreak of World War II. It began in 1919 when Lloyd George of England, Orlando of Italy, ClemenceauRead MoreCauses of the First World War1164 Words   |  5 PagesWorld War I Essay When a nation’s hunger for power and control become too great, the nation may be pushed to do things that may have harsh consequences. This was the case in the early 1900’s when the world engaged in its first major global military conflict. There were a number of causes of the First World War; due to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany accepted full responsibility for the war. Although the Germans had a large contribution in starting the war, they should not be fully heldRead MoreThe Causes of World War I1090 Words   |  5 Pagesterrifying wars in history broke out. One by one, starting with Germany, the nations of Europe picked up their weapons and entered a four-year period of annihilation and destruction. Germany was by all means responsible for the conditions that led to the outbreak of World War I due to their hunger for sovereignty which crippled the balance of power in Europe, their unconditional support for Austria, and the German war plan which transforme d what should have been a local war into a horrendous world war.Read MoreThe Causes Of World War I1171 Words   |  5 PagesA Historical Analysis of the Causes of World War I (187)The initial causes of World War I can be defined through the problematic issues of late British Imperialism during the Boxer rebellion in 1900. Many Chinese citizens had become rebellious to German imperialism, which allowed Kaiser Wilhelm II to send the German East Asia Squadron to quell the uprising. This action forced the Great Powers, such as Great Britain and Russia, to also send troops to stop the rebellion. Due to the rising power ofRead MoreCauses of World War II784 Words   |  3 Pagesglobal conflict of the Second World War was started because of the inexistent actions taken to prevent the war. The Second World War did not happen directly, but there was a series of events that led up to the horrific war. The deadly World War II had begun by the inability to enforce the Treaty of Versailles, the corrupted League of Nations, and the failed policy of appeasement. These three points are long term causes which express thee reasoning for the outbreak of war. The inability to enforce

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August Belmont Influential Banker in 19th Century New York

The banker and sportsman August Belmont was a prominent political and social figure in 19th century New York City. An immigrant who came to America to work for a prominent European banking family in the late 1830s, he attained wealth and influence and his lifestyle was emblematic of the Gilded Age. Belmont arrived in New York while the city was still recovering from two disastrous events, the Great Fire  of 1835 which destroyed the financial district, and the Panic of 1837, a depression which had rocked the entire American economy. Setting himself up as a banker specializing in international trade, Belmont became prosperous within a few years. He also became deeply involved in civic affairs in New York City, and, after becoming an  American citizen, took a great interest in politics at the national level. After marrying the daughter of a prominent officer in the U.S. Navy, Belmont became known for entertaining at his mansion on lower Fifth Avenue. In 1853 he was appointed to a diplomatic post in the Netherlands by President Franklin Pierce. After returning to America he became a powerful figure in the Democratic Party on the eve of the Civil War. Though Belmont would never be elected to public office himself, and his political party generally remained out of power at  the national level, he still exerted considerable influence. Belmont was also known as a patron of the arts, and his intense interest in horse racing led to one of Americas most famous races, the Belmont Stakes, being named in his honor. Early Life August Belmont was born in Germany on December 8, 1816. His family was Jewish, and his father was a landowner. At the age of 14, August took a job working as an office assistant in the House of Rothschild, Europes most powerful bank. Performing menial tasks at first, Belmont learned the rudiments of banking. Eager to learn, he was promoted and sent to Italy to work at a branch of the Rothschild empire. While in Naples he spent time in museums and galleries and developed an enduring  love of art. In 1837, at the age of 20, Belmont was sent by the Rothschild firm to Cuba. When it became known that the United States had entered a severe financial crisis, Belmont traveled to New York City. A bank which handled Rothschild business in New York had failed in the Panic of 1837, and Belmont quickly set himself up to fill that void. His new firm, August Belmont and Company, was established with virtually no capital beyond his association with the House of Rothschild. But that was enough. Within a few years he was prosperous in his adopted hometown. And he was determined to make his mark in America. Society Figure For his first few years in New York City, Belmont was something of rogue. He enjoyed late nights at the theater. And in 1841 he reportedly fought a duel and was wounded. By the end of the 1840s Belmonts public image had changed. He came to be considered a respected Wall Street banker, and on November 7, 1849, he married Caroline Perry, the daughter of Commodore Matthew Perry, a prominent naval officer. The wedding, held in a fashionable church in Manhattan, seemed to establish Belmont as a figure in New York society. Belmont and his wife lived in a mansion on  lower Fifth Avenue where they entertained lavishly. During the four years that Belmont was posted to the Netherlands as an American diplomat he collected paintings, which he brought back to New York. His mansion became known as something of an art museum. By the late 1850s Belmont was exerting considerable influence on the Democratic Party. As the issue of slavery threatened to split the nation, he counseled compromise. Though he was opposed to slavery in principle, he was also offended by the abolition movement.   Political Influence Belmont chaired the Democratic National Convention held in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1860. The Democratic Party split afterward, and Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party candidate, won the election of 1860. Belmont, in various letters written in 1860, pleaded with friends in the South to block the move toward secession. In a letter from late 1860 quoted by the New York Times in his obituary, Belmont had written to a friend in Charleston, South Carolina, The idea of separate confederacies living in peace and prosperity on this continent after a dissolution of the Union is too preposterous to be entertained by any man of sound sense and the slightest knowledge of history. Secession means civil war to be followed by a total disintegration of the whole fabric, after endless sacrifices of blood and treasure. When war came, Belmont supported the Union vigorously. And while he was not a supporter of the Lincoln administration, he and Lincoln did exchange letters during the Civil War. It is believed that Belmont used his influence with European banks to prevent investment in the Confederacy during the war. Belmont continued to have some political involvement in the years following the Civil War, but with the Democratic Party generally out of power, his political influence waned. Yet  he remained very active on the New York social scene and became a respected patron of the arts as well as a supporter of his favorite sport, horse racing. The Belmont Stakes, one of the legs of thoroughbred racings annual Triple Crown, is named for Belmont. He financed the race beginning in 1867. Gilded Age Character In the later decades of the 19th century Belmont became  one of the characters who defined the Gilded Age in New York City. The opulence of his house, and the cost of his entertaining, were often the subject of gossip and mentions in newspapers. Belmont was said to keep one of the finest wine cellars in America, and his art collection was considered noteworthy. In the Edith Wharton novel The Age of Innocence, which was later made into a film by Martin Scorsese, the character of Julius Beaufort was based on Belmont. While attending a horse show at Madison Square Garden in November 1890 Belmont caught a cold which turned into pneumonia. He died in his Fifth Avenue mansion on November 24, 1890. The next day the New York Times, New York Tribune, and New York World all reported his death as page one news. Sources: August Belmont.  Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2nd ed., vol. 22, Gale, 2004, pp. 56-57.   August Belmont Is Dead. New York Times, November 25, 1890, p. 1.

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NA Reaction paper - 1370 Words

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting Reaction Paper Denisha Hightower Morgan State University Dr. Anthony Estreet 4/15/15 The Narcotics Anonymous meeting which I attended was named 7 Days of NA which was located on 1212 North Wolfe Street at an organization called Dee’s Place. Just as the Alcoholic Anonymous meeting previously attended, the location appeared to be in a covert and quiet place to hold a support group. We entered through the rear entrance, which seemed to be staged that way to secure participants identity. As before at the last support group I attended, I searched around the room to see again, a 12 steps guide posted on the wall, a relatively thick NA ‘Basic Text’ textbook on the desk of the facilitator and this†¦show more content†¦Many participants engaged the group with stories of overcoming addiction or being sexually molested by family members as reasons behind their addiction. However all of their stories were compelling and empowering to the group of individuals who have seemed to endure some of the same sentiments as their fellow group mate. It appeared as if the individuals in the group even though that were court ordered appeared to be extremely engaged and very involved during the meetings. It seemed as though most who attended found peace and solice from the group during the NA meetings. As it stated by Krentzman, Robinson, Moore, (2010), client’s state that their top two reasons for attending NA meetings were to promote recovery/ sobriety and to find support acceptance and friendships. One thing that I learned from the NA group that just as in AA, family support deems to be an important function on the perseverance of an addict and that the participation and involvement of family is detrimental in the treatment process for the addicts. In several of our readings many of the passages discussed the effects of family systems support as it pertains to substance abusers chemical addiction. The passages described the family system as being a detrimental part of the treatment process as well as for the treatment of the family as well. According to past studies, family involvement has aided clients inShow MoreRelatedInvestigation Of A Chemical Reaction Essay1750 Words   |  7 PagesAnalysis of a Chemical Reaction Name: Bala Sundaram Teacher: Ms. Leung. S Date Lab was finished: Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 IB Chemistry HL: SCH3U8-B Purpose: To observe a chemical reaction and to use qualitative and quantitative evidence to identify this reaction from among four possibilities. Apparatus: Ignition test tube Retort stand Crucible tongs Single hole stopper Iron ring Safety goggles Rubber tubing Wire gauze Flint lighter Bunsen burner Evaporating dish Hot pad Wooden splint SmallRead MoreEssay The Preparation of Calcium Carbonate Lab946 Words   |  4 PagesTo introduce the concept of â€Å"limiting factor† in a chemical reaction 2. To practice a. Writing a balanced equation b. Determining the number of moles of each reactant and product c. Deciding which chemical is the limiting factor d. Predict theoretical yield e. Determine actual yield f. Use error discussion Materials: * 2 beakers * 2 watch glasses * Stirring rods * Filter paper * Funnel * Wash bottle * Anhydrous sodium carbonate Read MoreLab Report On Acid Base Titration1610 Words   |  7 Pagesproportion, this reaction is called neutralization† (Ann Fullick, 1994, 271-273). Considering the previous statement, the main purpose of this experiment is determine the concentration of a specific acid which in this case are HCL and H_2 ã€â€"SOã€â€"_4 adding them with an equal proportion of a base NaOH; to carry out this experiment it is important to consider the method knowing as acid-base titration which provides an important way to determine practically the stoichiometry of reactions, in other wordsRead MoreEconomic Growth And Inequality Of Opportunity1672 Words   |  7 Pagesto these pre-existing variations in populace circumstances, the effect of these circumstances greatly increases. This paper explores the link between economic growth and inequality of opportunity and applies these links within the case of the Arab spring. It investigates how weak government po licy on distribution of economic resources may have had a hand in the North African (NA) uprisings. Literature Review In our endeavour to deduce the link between economic growth and inequality of opportunityRead MoreUses and Properties of Sodium Hydroxide663 Words   |  3 PagesChemical Symbol: NaOH What it means: Sodium hydroxide is made up of sodium (Na), oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H). The chemical symbols for oxygen and hydrogen come from their names. Sodium’s chemical symbol, Na comes from the Latin word Natrium which means sodium carbonate. What state we usually find it in and why: Sodium hydroxide is an odourless, white crystal solid at room temperature. This is because sodium hydroxide has an ionic bond, meaning it has a high melting point, above room temperature.Read MoreTest Tube Mystery Lab Report912 Words   |  4 Pagestube. The list of chemicals is CuSO4, NH4Cl, NaOH, AgNO3, KI, H2SO4, NaBr, CaCl2, HCl, and Pb(NO3)2. The students are expected to determine the chemicals using physical properties, litmus paper, solubility, and the process of elimination. Physical properties, such as the color, can be determined by sight. Litmus paper can be determined through the change of color, if red then it is an acid, if blue then it is a base. Solubility can be determined through reacting two chemicals together and see if a precipitateRead MoreOrgo1 Lab 1704 Words   |  3 Pagestechnique in which a reversible reaction is employed to alter the solubility characteristics of the substance of interest. Experimental Procedure Experiments 4A and 4B were followed as described in Mayo, pages 144-147, with the modifications listed in the Blackboard document. Additional modifications to the procedure included the following: The amount of benzoic acid was 76 mg for experiment 4A and 74 mg for experiment 4B instead of 75 mg for both experiments. Reaction Scheme Data and ResultsRead MoreElectrophilic Aromatic Iodination of Vanillin961 Words   |  4 Pagesfor an aromatic compound to undergo an electrophilic substitution reaction. To carry this out, our method combines sodium iodide and common bleach as the oxidizing agent in aqueous alcohol as the solvent. Balanced Chemical Equations: Physical Properties: Name of Chemical Chemical Structure Molar Mass (g/mol) BP/MP ( ºC) Density (g/mL) Mass/Vol. Used Purpose 3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehye C8H8O3 152.1494 MP=81-83, BP=285 NA 0.1g Solute Ethanol CH3CH2OH 46.0688 MP=-114.1, BP=78.3 0.789 2Read MoreA Experiment On Unknown Salt Solution957 Words   |  4 PagesFinally, solution G is Na+ because the flame had an intense colour of orange-yellow. The other ions did not give any specific flame test colour. The next test used was the litmus test, and it determined not only a cation, but also two anions. The acidity, and the basicity of each solution were tested in the litmus test. When the solution is dropped on the paper and it turned the litmus paper red, it means that the solution in acidic. In this case solution E turned the litmus paper red, proving that H3O+Read MoreAa Meetings Essay 2991 Words   |  4 PagesReaction Paper SAB 110-02 I first attended AA meetings as a requirement while I was in outpatient treatment in 2002. So when I learned that I had to go for a class assignment, I thought I would be comfortable attending a meeting. I was going with the intent on just sitting in the back and listening. The meetings that I had gone

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Statue of the Aphrodite of Knidos free essay sample

The marble statue of Aphrodite was created in Europe, on the Roman, Imperial period on the 1st or 2nd century A.D, by the sculptor Praxiteles, and believed to be the first major work to illustrate the goddess without clothing. Praxiteles is one of the most celebrated of the Attic sculptors. Only one of his sculptors still survive, although the authenticity of this piece is doubted by some. Praxiteles was highly influential in the development of Greek sculpture, bringing an elegant and seductive grace to his work. His innovative style was a transformation from the tone set by his ancestors of impressive yet somehow divide sculpture, especially in representations of the gods. Praxiteles overcomes the problem of distancing the viewer from producing a much more humanizing view of the gods. Around the same time, Praxiteles produce the Aphrodite of Knidos, but this one was a dress. According to Pliny the Elder (23-79 CE), the draped figure was purchased first, while the naked figure was denied at the beginning. We will write a custom essay sample on Statue of the Aphrodite of Knidos or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page However, the people of Knidos soon bought the unclothed statue and set it in an open-air shrine, where it quickly became a sensation in the Greek world.This statue represents a uniform composition. Her sensual figure and extra beauty perform the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. The statue transfers a feeling of serenity and calm. Marble is a solid and sparkling stone that is made up of calcium carbonate. The pallidity of calcite marble gives the sculpture its somehow white color. The fine grains made it possible for the sculpture to be uniform and delicate. The use of marble connects the sculpture to the shine and delicacy of female skin. The standing sculpture feet are placed in a certain way that brings a switch overreaction or movement and not a permanent poise. The left foot stands on a rectangular base, which takes the whole body’s weight.The goddess looks as she is surprised and uncertain. The head is looking to the left and gives us the feeling that the goddess has been disturbed. The original sculpture shows the goddess stretching her arms forward to protect her breast and genitals, all the while attracting attention to her nakedness. Praxiteles used this idea to clarify the issue of showing an influential goddess figure and a symbol of love and sexuality in the nude. The surface of the statue seems untouched by cleaning or weathering.Some of the features missing on this sculpture such as the arms, upper part of the support, chin, nose and the lips appear to be damaged. The figure’s hair is tied into a knot at the back. There are no earrings since her ears are not pierced.